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Are you ready to get unstuck and craft your career action plan for 2022?

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Held Live May 14th, 2022 for 5 + 1 bonus days (1 - 1.5 hr/day)

This is a DEEP DIVE in the 5 Keys to CLIMBing your CAREER in 2022!

This Challenge builds on the CareerClimb™ framework introduced in Women In Product Conference Presentations  in 2020 and 2021

Get 5 + 1 Bonus Days Of How To Climb Your Next Career Mountain Training From Former Product VP Lisa Kostova

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DAY 1 (Sat, May 14, 11 am PST):   
CareerClimb™ Key 1:  C

DAY 2 (Sun, May 15, 11 am PST): 
CareerClimb™ Key 2: L

DAY 3 (Mon, May 16th, 5pm PST): 
CareerClimb™ Key 3: I

DAY 4 (Tue, May 17th, 5pm PST): 
CareerClimb™ Key 4: M

DAY 5 (Wed, May 18th, 5pm PST): 
CareerClimb™ Key 5: B

BONUS DAY (Thu, May 19th, 5pm PST): 
Plan Your Promotion Around the Review Cycle - Workshop

Special Guests:

Lydia Bradey -
First Woman To Climb Everest Without Oxygen, Everest Guide & Mentor

I'm honored to have one of my most important mentors, Lydia Bradey, as a guest on the Challenge. Lydia was the first woman to climb Everest without oxygen in the 1980's, an achievement that attracted a lot of envy from her male counterparts. Lydia fought bravely against slander and attacks on her reputation in a story that is the basis for an upcoming movie. In her book, "Going Up in Easy" Lydia shares her journey of never giving up and staying strong through life's challenges. In her late 50's, Lydia still guides Everest climbers and in 2019 guided the fastest ascending female climber on Everest. Lydia will share mindset strategies for climbing your highest career peak.

Kiana Sharifi - Head of Talent, Balderton Capital

I'm excited to host a true recruiting expert for executive product roles in Silicon Valley - Kiana Sharifi - who will share what he looks for when hiring for senior product roles.

Kiana Sharifi is the Head of Talent at Balderton Capital, a leading venture capital firm based in London. In her current position, Kiana advises leadership teams of Balderton portfolio companies on building thriving teams and organizations. Her work spans companies across Europe and the United States, covering a variety of strategic topics such as hiring, compensation, culture, and performance among others. Prior to joining Balderton, Kian spent over a decade in Silicon Valley as an entrepreneur, marketer, and executive recruiter at Riviera Partners working on product and other leadership roles.

Linda Lee - Founder and CEO, (and a past Challenge participant)

Linda is a 0-1 Entrepreneur and Investor, and a High-Tech Executive that created over $1B in value with an M.O. to “Make It Happen and Make a Difference.”  She specializes in Product Management, Product Strategy, Monetization, Business Modeling, Operations and People Management.  Linda Lee is currently the founder and CEO of, "PLAY-TO-EARN" in a box platform for game makers, leveraging Blockchain Technologies to transform the gaming and leisure industries.  S

he took part in the Product VP Challenge in early 2021 and attended the Product Executive Accelerator Program at CareerClimb, during which time she got inspired to leave her Sr Director role at a large organization and start her own company.  She has experience getting promoted in several large companies by implementing her framework for working with the Promotion Cycle. She is currently a mentor and thought leader in the CareerClimb community.

    Is the Challenge Right for You?

    This Challenge is for you if you:

    - Identify as female or nonbinary
    - Work or have worked in Product Management or related fields, such as Program Management, Project Management, Business Analytics, Design, Solution Architecture, etc.
    - Have at least 4-5 years of work experience in your field and are mid-career (Sr PM through Sr Director)

    You don't have to be currently employed if you have at least 4-5 years of work experience in Product Management or a related field.
    By The End Of This Challenge You Will:

    1. Have an Action Plan for your Career for the next 6 months to 5 years

    2. Be 100% Confident in Your Ability to Implement this Action Plan, even if you feel Stuck or your Manager is currently Not Supportive


    3. Get into MOMENTUM to Land your next Promotion, Raise or Career Move in the Next Few Weeks or Months

    Dear Mid-career Woman In Product or a Related Field,

    Let me know if you can relate.

    I had a VISION for my life and career.  I LOVED working on products that matter and make a difference in the world.  I was COMMITTED to making an impact in the lives of my users and my team members.

    Yet, believing that I COULD and that I DESERVED to climb to the top of the career mountain was often a challenge, especially since I had been on the Senior PM and Director levels for what felt like eternity.

    I deeply CARED and WORKED HARD. Yet, when it came to asking for a new opportunity or a more senior role, I backed off or hesitated.  I wondered, "Am I asking for too much too soon?"

    I feared rejection, upsetting my boss, coming across as pushy or ungrateful. 

    It felt like I was forever stuck at the Senior PM level, even after I had made millions and added millions of users to my employer.  

    I eventually figured it out, but it took a while.  As soon as I set a clear Career Vision and created a Strategic Plan for my career using the 5 Keys, which I will teach you in the Challenge, my career took off.  I only wish there was someone to teach these keys to me sooner - it would have saved me some heartache and time.

    That's why I decided to share with you my methodology of creating a Strategic Action Plan for your Career, no matter where you find yourself today or how long you have felt stuck.

    So that you can stop waiting and feeling left out and start getting yourself the promotion or raise you deserve.  

    Since the first time I offered the VPChallenge in the fall of 2020, hundreds of women just like you have registered to take it and many dozens have participated live, creating tangible momentum and results like :

    * Taking action after months or years of procrastinating
    * Having conversations with their manager about their career goals
    * Establishing or repairing work relationships
    * Asking for what they need
    * Getting clear and deciding on a course of action,

    And most importantly - getting unstuck in their career.

    Are you going to join them with clarity, confidence and a plan to finally climb your next Career Mountain?

    In this highly interactive LIVE challenge, you will:

    *  Get a deep and nuanced understanding the 5 Keys to climbing your career,
    *  Bust some myths you may have believed up until now about what it takes to get ahead,
    * Create your long-term Career Vision, which will fuel your next Career move,
    * Get into powerful MOMENTUM for executing your Action Plan, even if you've failed before

    Hit the button below and register for this FREE challenge while registration is still open.

    Are you ready to climb together and make your next career milestone happen in 2022?


    Your Host and Mentor

    Lisa Kostova

    - Founder of the Career CLIMB™ framework for mid-career females in technology and CEO of a suite of executive development programs for women in tech
    - Former VP of Product at Bright (sold to LinkedIn)
    -  Started product career as a Junior PM at Zynga, progressing to Lead PM
    -  Senior Director and Senior Product roles at other Silicon Valley companies
    -  Interim Product Head at early stage startups
    -  Currently an Enterepreneur and Product Advisor to founders, startups and incubators
    -  Certified Next Level and Transformational Coach
    -  Graduate of Harvard Business School, Passionate Mountaineer (Summitted Denali in 2019, pictured in the banner for the challenge), Certified Yoga Teacher

    With Prof. Clay Christensen of Harvard, collaborating on "The Capitalist's Dilemma" in 2014, a milestone on my way to stepping into the role of a thought-leader. Clay would have turned 70 this year - I miss him!

    What previous challenge participants have to say...

    "The tactical toolboxes your provided were very useful to me. Thank you!"

    "I am convinced I need to invest in myself"


    When do the daily calls take place?

    The Product VP Challenge will be held live in May 14th-19th 2022. Schedule is posted higher up on this page. Please join the email list and CareerClimb Community on Facebook by clicking the button to stay in the loop!

    What is the time commitment?

    There will be 5 daily calls of 60 - 90 min each + about 15 min for the daily homework. You will get what you put into the Challenge. Having said that, the majority of people who get great results from the Challenge don't participate in every session - sometimes a session or two is all it takes for a major breakthrough.

    Will recordings be available?

    Recordings of the calls will be available for the week of the Challenge, so you can catch up with the videos at your own time. People who attend the sessions live get the most value out of them because it's fully interactive with a chance to get you hot seat - coached by me or one of our mentors.  

    Can I attend if I'm in (Product Marketing, Program Management, Analytics, Design, etc)?

    The Challenge is perfect for any mid-career female professional (that is 5 years + of work experience) in Product or Product-related fields. And that means Marketing, Program Management, Analytics, Design, Data Science, etc.

    Can I attend the Challenge if I don't use Facebook?

    Yes! While we'll be broadcasting the sessions live on Facebook, we will use Zoom as our main platform. In addition, we'll be emailing you a link to view the replays on Dropbox and not on Facebook. Facebook is great for completing your homework in our private group, but it's not required to attend the Challenge and benefit from it.

    What are the prizes and incentives?

    We have Amazon gift certificates for people who complete their homework. 

    Will I benefit from the Challenge if I've attended the Challenge in the past?

    You can take the Challenge many times and still discover new aha's and experience new breakthroughs. In addition, this Special Promtion Edition of the Challenge will be diving deep into your Promotion Plan for your next Review Cycle, so you'll finally get that promotion you deserve!


    What is the Product VP Challenge and What is Included in the Replay?

    The Product VP Challenge New Year's Edition was held live for the first time Jan 15 - 19th, 2022 to rave reviews.  Because of requests to make the material available for a while longer, we're hosting a 3-day replay of the live sessions, the bonus session and the workbook materials.  We'll start the Replay with a live kick-off call at 10am PST on Saturday, Jan 29th. 

    Are there any LIVE calls during the Replay?

    Yes!  We will have a Live Kickoff Call at 10am PST on Saturday, January 29th with Lisa Kostova.

    What is the time commitment?

    The Challenge Replay has  recordings of the 5 daily calls of 60 - 90 min each + 5 Workbooks that require about 15 min for the daily homework. You DON'T have to watch all the session recordings - in fact, most of our participants get an important breakthrough or aha moment from just one or a few of the sessions they experience. 

    How long will the Recordings and Materials be available?

    Recordings of the calls and the associated workbooks will be available for 3 days - from Saturday, January 29th through Monday, January 31st for a binge-watching weekend replay party :) 

    Can I benefit if I'm in (Product Marketing, Program Management, Analytics, Design, etc)?

    The Challenge is perfect for any mid-career female professional (that is 5 years + of work experience) in Product or Product-related fields. And that means Marketing, Program Management, Analytics, Design, Data Science, etc.

    Can I see the Challenge Replay if I don't use Facebook?

    Yes! We will provide replay and workbook links via email, as well as through our Challenge Facebook Group. We encourage you to join the Facebook group if you can, so you can interact with the community and get feedback on your homework.  

    Will I benefit from the Challenge if I've attended the Challenge in the past?

    You can take the Challenge many times and still discover new aha's and experience new breakthroughs. In addition, the New Year's Edition of the Challenge focused on diving deep into Goals and Plans for the New Year, so you'll get your planning and vision for 2022 started!

    What people are saying about working with Lisa and the CareerClimb team

    " I was lucky to find Lisa right at the moment where I was looking for new coaching and really trying to shape a plan for my career."

     "What I liked about the Product VP Challenge was the intensity and the structure built on a core set of principles that felt real and relevant to me given my experience as a Product Manager. The experience also challenged me to continue growing in product leadership."

    "The Product VP Challenge is right for women who want more in their career and from themselves but are not yet sure what it takes to get there."

     - Rosa Welton, Director of Product Management at Service Now.

    "The Challenge created a tight community for women (in product) who are willing to support each other and lift each other up." 

    "The advice and personal mentorship  I got from Lisa was hugely helpful -  making sure that I spend my time forming strong relationships with my co-workers. I was able to come up to speed much faster."

    "What a great time to have this resource and this community of women and get guidance and mentorship on how to be successful in my new role."

    - Christine Rhinehart, Product Manager working in the **Infosec org*** of Netflix.

    “I needed a change in my career and the timing for me to join the Accelerator program was perfect. I felt stuck at the time and my career trajectory had stalled. I was also concerned with leaving my job and having to take a step down.

    Through taking the program I gained a lot of confidence in myself and was able to evaluate my values, which led me to make the hard decision to leave my current position and aim at a higher goal than just being stuck at a corporate job. I am excited to announce that because of the courage and direction I gained in the Accelerator program, I have started my own company. This is something I have always wanted to do!”

    - Linda Lee, Founder and CEO, Stealth Startup

    "This program taught me how to have a vision in my career. I am able to visualize where I want to go. I am now looking at career opportunities. When recruiters reach out to me, if I don't see what they're envisioning for this role (aligned to my vision), I actually reject their offer the opportunity presented. That was not something I had ever done before!

    I learned how to interview a company and make them sit in the hot seat. Now that I’m able to move to the next level, and have proven that I’m a visionary leader, I'm actually starting to ask for more money and without guilt, or a lack of confidence. Lisa gave me the tools to be able to do that!"

    -Vibhu Mahajan, Senior Product Manager

    "I found Lisa to be a fantastic coach. I really liked her energy, her vibe, her personality. She is very generous and definitely leads with generosity. I could relate to a lot of things that were shared during the Challenge and the Program."

    "Lisa presented a solid framework around how to climb your career ladder. The fact that it was specifically geared towards product managers was very actionable and useful."

    "The speakers also helped us understand some aspects in the frameworks and included examples on how we can make them actionable in our career."

    - Debarati Goswami, Product Lead at eBay.

    "Having someone experienced to lead and to cultivate a unique community among a truly amazing group of female product leaders was an inspiring and empowering journey to be part of."

    "One piece of advice I got from Lisa that gave me that aha moment to fight off self-doubts is "Don't focus on yourself or what others may think of you, but focus on the problems you are trying to solve or the product you are trying to build. You are the messenger, so focus on the message"." 

    "You are not alone in this journey. Invest in yourself and accelerate your growth." 

    - Xunjing Wu, Sr. Product Manager at Comcast.

    "I went in with the expectation  of getting a high-level framework of how to approach both my career and my job-hunting.  I came away with a collaborative community experience with people who have a lot of expertise in my field, in addition to some very helpful career guidance."

    "In doing the daily and weekly work that we went through as a group, I was able to really tap into my self-worth, my experiences and my value. I was able present that to my manager in a way that made them open to giving me a higher title."

    -Yvonne Markgraf Stoehr, Director of Technology, Product Management

    "Knowing the goal that you are trying to reach makes working towards it easier because you know what steps you need to take towards that goal."

    "Lisa provided us a safe place to share something personal - it provided a sense of comfort and we built trust in a surprisingly short time frame."

    "Hearing Lisa and other participants talk about their challenges resonated with me.  It sounded so similar to what I was struggling with and I saw that there is a path out of these challenges.  I saw that there was a defined path that I could take to grow into the Product space."

    - Aparna Hargunani, Product and Program Management

    " I like Lisa and the community of great people that Lisa built.  I see myself growing in this community and it inspires me to become better!"

    "Through the Challenge, I was surprised to hear other participants having similar experiences to mine. (It made me realize) that I am not alone and that there is a community out there."

    "I would recommend the Product VP Challenge to mid-career professionals who are eager to learn and who feel they are stuck where they are (and want to get unstuck)."

    -Evelyn Chou, Senior Manager + Performance Measurement. Former PM for Capital One building the data streaming platform.

    Your results will vary and depend on many factors … including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All career and business success entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please do not join the challenge.

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